Camino Tip 37: Start off slow

Camino Tips 37Unless you are accustomed to walking with a heavy pack, plan on starting your Camino at a slow pace and for short distances.

The Camino is not a walk in the park. If you go too fast, you can fall, pull a muscle, or break a bone. The most common injury is the result of trying to walk too far, too quickly, and carrying too much! Easy does it. Be a snail—slow, but determined. As the body loses its rigidity, increase the pace and distance.

The Camino is not a forced march. Take time to visit, to notice the surroundings, to enjoy. Don’t get caught up in the rush for beds. Don’t hurry to keep up with a new friend. Honor your own pace. Stop and take your boots off two or three times a day. Take a catnap, if you feel like it. Before long, you will have your stride. You may even surprise yourself, walking faster and longer than anticipated.

Suggestion: To develop stamina for a full day’s hike, carry 6 kilos (13 pounds) in your backpack. You can do this while walking or doing chores. Build up to carrying it for a minimum of six hours continuously, with only a few sitting down breaks.

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