The Women

These are the women featured in the book (not in chronological order). Their stories are motivating and give insight into why women walk the Camino de Santiago.

Signe Tøth (Denmark)
Signe Tøth (Denmark)


Claire Payne (Australia)
Claire Payne (Australia)
Ana Ossenbach (Costa Rica)
Ana Ossenbach (Costa Rica)






Sue “Hammock Hanger” Turner (USA)
Claudia Sundman (USA)


Virginia Graham and
Jill Tucker (New Zealand
Josette LaFarie (France)
Sonia Sanchez (Spain)
Robin Berry and Brenda Gaynor (USA)
Laura Fernandez Elvira and Maria Garcia Gamarra (Spain)
Cathy Collins (USA)
Lindy Fergusson (Canada)
Cheryl Kinney Matheson (Canada)
Morgan Crowley (Canada)
Natalia Cohen (South Africa)
Catherine McCoy (Canada)
Margery Kempe (England)
Antonia (Switzerland)
Na Aak Paola Ambrosi (Mexico living in Ireland)
Maggie Ervin (USA)
Yoori Ro (Korea)
Diane Rodrigue (Canada)
Elena Franganillo Ortiz (Spain)
Elodie Pitrey (France)
Yoonjin Song (Korea)
Margherita Parlavecchio (Italy)
Jung-Hye Lee (Rosa) (USA)
Lydie Sipp (France)
Gemma Ryan (Australia)
Grace Cameron (on right)  (Canada)
Linda Heiderer (US)