Dennis R. Blanchard

Dennis and I were married in 1974. He has been my friend and companion through many adventures. The fact that he hiked the Appalachian Trail and was subsequently deemed by me as “an experience hiker” was a source of laughter for us as we repeatedly got lost on the Camino de Santiago. In reality, the Camino strengthened our bond, and made me appreciative of his humor and generosity.

Dennis, helped in me immeasurable ways both while on the Camino and while writing the book. He prepared countless cups of tea, helped me accurately recall incidents, was always ready with words of encouragement, and much, much more.

Dennis is the author of Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail. His knowledge of the publishing and marketing process was most helpful. I relied on his technical skills to launch this and my author’s Websites. He struggled with me through the e-pub process, and, most importantly, knew how to make me smile when the process was frustratingly difficult.

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