Camino Tip No. 21: Take a lot of photos

Camino Tip No. 21: Take a lot of photosTaking pictures on the Camino is a wonderful way to rekindle the spirit of the Camino. Many of you are great photogs and may not need the following tips, many of which I learned after returning from the Camino.

Photo tips:

  • Don’t forget to put yourself in some photos.
  • Take close-up facial shots with a nice background.
  • When coming into a town, take a picture of the town sign. Do the same when exiting. In Spain, most towns have a sign at either end.  This helps frame the location of the pictures.
  • Be mindful of the flash capability. Many phone and inexpensive cameras do not take ideal indoor pictures unless you are very close to the target.
  • Use a Joby Gorillapod to take pictures. It has flexible legs that attach to anything. Very useful when taking self-portraits or long time exposure when there is low light.
  • Upload often to the web; don’t take a chance on losing your pictures.

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