Camino Tip No. 43: Add location data to your photos

Camino Tips 43: Add location data to your photos.Mark your photos with the location. Adding the geotag (Exif info) to your photos helps you identify the specific location where the photo was taken. No more guess work. No more searching  images on the web to find similar shots. There are also tools to place your pictures on a map.

Some smartphone cameras contain GPS locator technology, others require an app. Some newer cameras also have this capability, others may require a GPS device.

The iPhone defaults to storing GPS and geographic tagging information on the picture. If you do not want to use this function, you need to disable the feature.

If your camera does not have this capability, you can synchronize your camera with your GPS, and then use the time stamp on the photo to coordinate with the timed location on the GPS. There is software that will help you do this.

Many photo-sharing and social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) automatically strip out the geotagging metadata. If you share a picture, be sure to tell your friends where you are. If you store the photos to your computer and want to share the photo without the metadata, you can use an Exif metadata editor to remove the information.


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